Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The "Baby I'm Not Pregnant With Yet" Box

*don't judge*  (remember about the spork shank)

So the first time I was pregnant (briefly) I got a couple of early gifts, the cutest pair of shoes from a sweet sweet friend who knew we had been trying, and a blanket & onesie from my Mom. After the miscarriage I just stuck them in a shoebox in the top of the closet thinking we'd need them again in a couple of months. Two years later the box is still there, and has graduated from a shoebox to a small rubbermaid bin. It's filled with tiny little treasures for the future. A few little outfits and trinkets that I just couldn't pass up. I know when the time comes, I will relish the taking down of the box that stares at me from the top of the closet. *it's kind of a jerk like that.....staring and flaunting and such*

Wanna see the latest addition? 

Baby Organic One Peace Onesie


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