Monday, October 4, 2010

and I Forgot My Shank....

It was bigtime baby shower weekend, but IT. IS. OVER. 3 of 3 yoga babies have now been showered. Actually, since the baby was already out of the bump, we hosted a "Sip & See". It was just me and yoga friend one hosting, so there was lots of running around like banshees, but it's done and turned out nice. We had an embarrassing amount of food, and tons of leftovers, but everyone was pleased.
Of course, there were THREE preggo mommas, one newborn (the showered one) and one 4 month old in attendance. I was the only one there not pregnant, or already a mother. It usually just depends on the day/situation how upsetting things like this are. Sometimes I'm totally good and don't feel like shanking someone, or myself, and other days it's best if I stay away from sharp objects. I did, however, cut the cake without any mishaps....

Saturday was a shank kind of day. Not only were the pregnant ones pregnant, the were ADORABLE, and all of the mom's were so put together and talking of private schools, and nannies, and their perfectly smart, social, and athletic kiddos. I had sweaty, melting, hot flashes when anyone (read: everyone) asked me if I had kids. "No, but hopefully soon" I'd squeak out through my panic attack. What a day to forget my handy prison made plastic spork of a shank.....

It's been a rough couple of weeks in the bun in my oven department....just trying to get a plan for next cycle, but I feel like there are no more tricks up my sleeve. My donor is retired (again), so my choices are the one vial I have left of him, or starting all over (again), but I'm not sure that is an option this month financially. Hopefully we'll be back to happier posts soon, in the meantime, thanks for reading friends.


  1. Retired again? arghh, I just want to send you mason jars of my husbands sperm. {{hugs}}

  2. Sigh.... I won't say anything at all. (We've been down that road, here's an Enya CD.) But I will just give you lots and lots of love.