Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Girl Pheromones

There are four "yoga girls" that take over El Paso together several times a week, I am one of them. We were all shooting for a bun in our respective ovens last year, and they all got pregnant the same week. No. REALLY. The. same. week. They are all 39 weeks now, and the first little yoga baby was born yesterday. I just knew that I would be shortly behind them, turns out, not so much. I am greatly looking forward to holding little baby Arianna this afternoon, and getting some of those powerful new baby pheromones. Here's hoping I can do it without A) Making a run for it, and B) Bursting into tears.

Wish me luck.

No baby snatching, and I didn't even cry. She is tiny, beautiful, precious and makes me even more ready to be in those shoes. I went with my other two *about to pop* pregnant yoga girlfriends, and they were very sensitive. The only downside was the nurse saying "Oh look! You're ALL pregnant!! Oh, well, except you...". Lovely.

**UPDATE #2**
Looks like yoga baby number two is on her way today. It's gonna be a rough week.

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