Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Run For My Money

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new liiiiife (okay not really but it kinda feels like it), and I'm feelin good. The start of a new cycle is always exciting, and has the amazing ability to make you forget that the last cycle was a complete and utter failure and get ready for another chance at the crapshoot that is TTC.

I'm going big guns this time, no messin around.  I'm planning a round of Clomid (most likely 50 mg day 3-7), and I'm going to be monitoring follicle size via ultrasound. I think normal protocol is to do the first ultrasound on CD11, and then assess the situation from there. This will allow me to give myself an hCG trigger shot (the brand and dose have yet to be determined) when the follicles are at least 18mm, and then know WITHOUT A DOUBT that I will ovulate  24-48 hours later. I'm planning to trigger and then inseminate 24 and 36 after in hopes of catching that little eggy right on. I am hoping that this will relieve some of the uncertainty and anxiety that tracking ovulation creates, ESPECIALLY since I don't seem to get very clear signs during Clomid cycles.

For some reason this was an exceptionally short cycle, which is not particularly good news as the post ovulation or luteal phase has to be a decent length in order for the egg to have time to implant before your next cycle starts. Lots of women end up with progesterone shots or vaginal suppositories to lengthen that phase and make a nice cushy place for the egg to stick. I'll cross that bridge in a few days I suppose.

I'll be making my Auntie Kristen rounds today to see all the yoga babies and soak up some more of those newborn baby pheromones. If you see a West Texas Amber Alert, you'll know it's me, start preparing the guest room.

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