Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Biological Clock Scorned....

So like I said, yoga baby # 2 was born about lunch time yesterday. I would like the record to state that I totally called it the day before at lunch. She is happy and healthy, and I had a breakdown. The first one was a scheduled c-section, so I was a little prepared for it, but this one was a "oh my goodness is 4 am but I think I'm in labor". It is their first child, and they had a hard time conceiving too.... and I was totally "bitter party of one" all day yesterday.

There have been easier sections, and harder times throughout their pregnancies for me. Hard at first, easier for awhile, hard when they started showing, easier again, almost devastating as they welcome their new little peanuts. I realized that through this whole process I never really prepared myself for the day they would actually *have* their babies because I just KNEW I would be pregnant by then, and it would make it a whole lot easier as I had my own due date too look forward to.

OF COURSE I am happy for them, and so thankful that their babies are healthy, and that the deliveries went well, but I'm so ready for my turn.

The baby I lost would have turned one this week, and while I don't think about it daily anymore, weeks like this are always a little harder to swing my feet over the bed and rise to meet the day.

 For those of you that haven't experienced it, I'm sure all of this sounds a little dramatic, but mother nature and women's biological clocks are NO JOKE. Mine is ticking so loudly I can hardly hear myself think.

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  1. I won't bore you with how I found your blog or on Twitter. But all I want to say is... I hear ya sister.