Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Dance

FABULOUS news! I went for the ultrasound this morning, and there are still viable follicles!!!!! *pause. happy dance. shake ya tailfeather* There are at least 4 that could mature enough to be good eggs, with the lead follicles (the biggest ones) being 13 mm and 15 mm. Keep in mind that follicle isn't considered "mature" until it's 18-20 mm, and they grow at 1 to 2 mm  a day. SO I'm still a few days away, but NOT TOTALLY OUT!  The ultrasound wasn't too unpleasant, and the staff was really friendly. I went for acupuncture tonight, which was SUCH a welcome rest after the crazy weekend.

*Non Fertility Related Moment*
Our sewer system backed up last night and there was poop spewing from every orifice in the house. If this was some sort of test, I think I passed, but Oh. My. Goodness. The gross factor was unimaginable.

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