Friday, August 20, 2010

Hip Hip

Hooray! The last yoga baby was born on Wednesday, happy (well, mostly) and healthy. I had two year old duty for 48 hours while Mommy was in the  hospital, and it went great! He is super smart, and high energy, so Im pretty pooped, but he was a good boy. I now have the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse memorized, and yell "OH TOODLES!" when I have a problem I can't solve. :)

The most exciting part about all of this for me is that I'm no longer the only one not pregnant!!!!! AND I'm the *only* one getting any sleep this week!

It's been a longer journey for me than it was for them, and I realize that as in most things, it's more about the journey and what you learn from it, than the destination, but MAN I hate long road trips.

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