Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stat Update: For Those Of Us Keeping Track

My temps are continuing to look good. Let's all keep our little piggies crossed that that dot stays above the red line! If that little dip was at 8 DPO instead of 5 DPO, I'd be jumping up and down for an "implantation dip", but 5 DPO is probably too early for that (however not TOTALLY out of the question). Lots of women have a dip on the day of implantation, but that normally happens anywhere from 7- 12 DPO (although it *can* happen before or after that).

Also, my Progesterone level was GREAT at 58.5! We need it to stay UP UP UP!

We needed it to at the very least fall in the "Luteal Phase" Reference Ranges. We know by the super high number that there were multiple eggs released and there are multiple corpus luteum crankin out that progesterone. HooRAY!!!

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  1. We're holding our breaths, and keeping our fingers and toes crossed :)