Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today Is A Good Day Even If It *Is* Thursday

Things that are exciting about today:

∞ If I peed on a pregnancy test it would be positive because I got an hCG trigger shot in my right booty last night, and have 10,000 units of hCG swimming around in there  *sticks out tongue*

∞ I got an hCG trigger shot in my right booty last night.

∞ We'll do the first insemination this evening!

∞ I have a plan and I'm not worried or stressed about the timing.

∞ I get to open the sperm box and take pictures for y'all today.

∞ Tomorrow is Friday and I have a nice long weekend to rest and concentrate on, you know,  creating human life ;)

∞ I have THREE count em THREE vials of sperm and can spread them out over 36 hours instead of trying to guess with one attempt.

∞ I feel really peaceful.

The shot wasn't bad at all, just a little soreness after but all in all very bearable. I'll have some wacky pregnancy hormone/symptoms side effect for the next 2 weeks, but *hopefully* my body will get so used to that good stuff it will decided to keep a little bean around to make some more!

****Turns out waking up with the hormones of a 6-8 week pregnant chick is a little tiresome, there may have to be a nap in my future...