Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Done is Done

Officially "waiting to know". It's gonna be a long two weeks folks.

Second insemination yesterday didn't go super smooth, in fact, it was probably the worst one ever (of course because it was the magic "36 hours post trigger" one). My goal was to be peaceful and calm, and I wound up bursting into tears at the technical difficulties. I use these TomCat Catheters that are attached to the end of a syringe. The length enables the deposit of sperm all the way into the uterus ideally as close as possible to the fallopian tubes. This is easier said than done. Depending on the angle of the cervix and the uterus the angle can be a little difficult. Such was the case yesterday. I had terrible cramping afterward, and basically spent the remainder of the day in bed because A) It stormed super bad the night before and there was very little sleep so I was exhausted and B) I was cramping like a son of a biscuit eater.

By evening I felt better, and I'm almost back to normal this morning. I hope that that cramping was sperm swimming up and eggs coming down as opposed to angry uterus spitting out everything that went in there. My cervix was already almost closed for this insemination, so I elected to not move forward with a third one. I'm hoping the last vial can make it back to Cali intact with the holiday weekend.

Holy temp spike batman this morning, which I was relieved to see. Here's this months chart so far; see the drop yesterday and then the significant rise today? This is exactly what we want, and now we need it to stay that high or higher for the next, oh, nine months or so....

I have a great pee stick post for y'all in the next few days *I know, you're holding your breath* 
So stay tuned! I'm not sure how great I feel about the insems, or my chances this month, but I'm going with the mantra from one of the lovely ladies on my TTC forum. 
"I am pregnant until proven otherwise."


  1. My husband and I are anxiously waiting to know, and sending all our positive thoughts your way. You were the main topic of our conversation at dinner last night (aren't you thrilled?) and we're hoping for the best. xoxo

  2. Oh I *do* love a good dinner conversation! Thank you SO much for all of your support! (and for reading)

  3. I have fingers, toes and all extra parts crossed. Sending sticky thoughts and love. <3 <3 <3